Be a helpful troublemaker.

I’m not a designer who needs to be told what to do. I am an active partner in defining the problem and raising just the right kind of hell to make sure the right solution gets implemented. To see some of the work I’ve done, just get in touch.

More about me
Hot takes. So many. I will share them out loud. Just ask.

I have

Design is about decisions, not deliverables. You can tell more about a designer through their ways of working than the final output of that work. Rather than show you things I’ve made, I’d like to tell you about the things I’ve learned making them.

Queering design

The queer community has a rich history of design that can help redefine the future of the field if 
we’re willing to embrace it.

Responsible design

If design can truly change the world, it’s designers’ responsibility to ensure it’s for the better.

The work of design

Designers are professionals, and they are people before that. I believe in a practical, human-centered approach to the craft.

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