Human-centered design for our pixel-imperfect world.

I’m John Voss, an interdisciplinary designer who cares deeply about the impact my work has on the people who use it, the people I build it with, and the larger world.

Talks & Panels

Queer Design Summit
Queering the workplace
Jul 07, 2022
Design systems roundtable
Mar 30, 2022
Dysfunctional systems: Digital products & addiction
Oct 28, 2021
General Motors presents
Diversity in design
Mar 18, 2021
MICA Design Talks
Queering design
Jul 07, 2022


Editor X
A practical approach to queering design
Jun 09, 2022
Genius Steals
Strands of Genius, guest newsletter curation
May 05, 2022
From march to merch: Pride is becoming overdesigned
Jun 25, 2021
How (and why) to increase LGBTQ+ representation on your design teams
Nov 27, 2019
When your boss doesn’t care about doing the right thing
Sep 10, 2019


Built in NYC
How Squarespace is incorporating accessibility into every stage of the design process
Nov 9, 2023
The Community Experience
Codes of conduct and community safety
Dec 12, 2021
Aug 05, 2020
Voice of Design
Design is gay
Nov 18, 2019